Lazy Mamas boy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy here lives in Langley bc and is such a tool. He’s 27 years old and lives off his parents. He gets welfare and doesn’t pay rent buy groceries pay bills, or buy food for his dog or his own smokes. His parents pay for everything. His name is Matt Harper. Ladies of Greater Vancouver Area be warned this guy will call you a c*nt useless and if you don’t give him head will break up with you. LOL like come on dude get a job and a life. This tool told my 6 year old son that during the war they put 100s of kids in a room and killed them all at point blank. I freaked and told the guy to f*ck off. Telling my kid i’m a bad mom and such. Sorry if i was a bad mom I wouldn’t have my kid. I live for my kid. BE WARNED hes got nasty *ss teeth and also loves to wear women’s underwear and clothes. In the picture that is my sweater. He’s a goof.

Dudes been submitted before sporting the same sweater.  Must be hard living on an allowance.- nik