THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, lets all take a moment to mourn the death of Megan’s Fox’s perfect figure…. Nik, I know you’ve always had a thing against Megan Fox for being a brunette, but she has been my girl crush since Transformers, and I’m straight as a bored. She’s draw dropping gorgeous, and I totally would. But I guess I have to idolize another hot actress now, because at the mere age of 25 Megan Fox is married AND officially knocked up. 2 things I never want to be. Why in the hell at 25 would you kill your career AND the hott bod that made your career? This girl continues to bite the hand that feeds her. sucks for megan! Nik how do you think her body will bounce back?

What career? Her marriage killed her career so she is having a child to stay relevant. Brian officially has her trapped for life now.- nik