THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, so I know you’ll probably make a joke of this, but I hope this gets posted so men can stop inaccurate perceptions of women with bigger labia.  I always see comments that women who are promiscuous are the ones with this, and I just want to say that could not be further from the truth! Think about it, if it had to do with sex, ALL women who f*ck a lot (with one man or 100) would have this, as a vagina can’t distinguish Gregs! C’mon guys, it is ignorant. Yes, I had this–naturally!–  I slept with one man and was not at all even into sex because I was so self-conscious. The comments people make on this site–as well as others–do hurt women. It single handedly drove me to get a labiaplasty. And let me tell you it was the biggest mistake of my life. I am mauled. My dr cut off ALL my labia and I am in excruciating pain. I can’t even stop crying. I wish more then anything I had not done this and I hope women considering it think long and hard. I went to a great doctor and did a lot of research, so it goes to show this is a dangerous surgery and can easily go wrong. And believe it or not, my ex loved em and said they griped his greg and it was so hot to him! I am super tight where it matters, labia size doesn’t mean a thing, it is the actual vagina that needs to be tight. All men prefer different things and I wish I had not been so effected by people on the internet, or plastic surgery reality shows, who made dumb comments, incorrect assumptions or made me feel I needed to look a certain way. I am devastated by how I now look and there is nothing I can ever do to be fixed.  And I just found a random pic on google, so this pic is not me.

No guy likes to eat roast beef unless its from Subway. You made the right choice and the pain will go away in a couple weeks.- nik