THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Reiko MacKenzie  from Real Housewives of Vancouver used to be a prostitute. I know this because she asked me and my girlfriend to come over and smoke weed with her and her girlfriend then when we were all high they tried to convince us to come work with them. They were pros they even had paperwork to fill out. WTF are these people doing on tv I guess that is what she meant last night on the show when she said she came from a rough childhood and did not want to go back to that lifestyle too funny I guess the producers of the show didnt do background checks Sun MacKenzie also known as Sun News Lal her husband is a gang member and an ugly ass troll.  You would have to be a pro to fake being attracted to that monster he also talks like he may be developmentally delayed wow what a horrible representation of beautiful Vancouver.

Canada only does background checks if you are American.- nik