THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik since this girl finally turned of age, drinking age that is, thought I’d post her again.  I mean you did name her after all.  Nik I give you, once again, Nintendoll,  Fallon Hawk.  Not much has changed about her, except the color of her hair and the age of her men, they’ve probably doubled which means I’m sh*t outta luck.  Anyways that’s neither here nor there, I have no beef with Fallon other then the color of her hair.  You’ve change my perception on hair color I used to think it looked trashy, after seeing you explain yourself I not only like blond I lovee it.  To be fair I added pics where she looks great with both, so nik Blond or Brunette?

This doesn’t look like Nintendoll, this girl’s nose is way too sharp. And Blonde for the WIN.- nik