THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik-This is a followup to the Monidoll pics I just sent. Have you ever watched any of her videos that she posts online? She videotapes herself with her slooty friends wasted outside of bars and hanging out at Denny’s at 5am etc. Here is one with Sarah Rich and her babydaddy, Cody, where they are wasted at 6am and even reference you saying “This is going to be on the dirty!!” Who posts embarrassing videos like that? That would be my worst nightmare waking up and someone posts me wasted the night before at Dennys, but Monidoll posts them herself. What are her kids going to think when they are old enough to type her into youtube? Her youtube name is Monidoll24. The latest ones are all of her kids but if you look past that you will still see a lot of the wasted drunken pre-kid videos.

The video started off great like a 3some was about to happen on the bar, but then Cody got selfish and had to make it about him. What a bust… Midol can do better.- nik

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