THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I thought I’d update you with recent pics of Monidoll since you haven’t posted her in quit awhile. She has two kids now with her baby daddy, Cody-a boy and a girl. Would do you think of her post-baby bod? She describes herself as a MILF on Facebook. She had +2s done a long time ago. She was hesitant because she had a heart condition and was concerned about the anesthesia risk. Do you think they were worth the risk? I think that Monidoll is smokin’ hot. However, I am worried about the fact that she still goes tanning all the time-like not mystic tan but actual tanning beds. People warn her all the time that she will be all leathery and have wrinkles when she’s old but she claims by the time she is old it will be the future and there will be products developed by then to eliminate wrinkles and leathery skin. What do you think?

You can tell there is a REFUND Gap under there… why is she forcing them together?- nik