THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, alright so this guys name is Gavin. I started talking to him, thought he was sweet and charming. I come to find out he has a pregnant fiance in California and an underage fiance in Louisiana. Said he was Welch. Someone else told me he was English. He walks around talking with a British accent. He’s from the South. Tells this BS story of how he was an orphan and grew up in the UK. Said his underage fiance was murdered. She’s very much alive. He’s so insecure he has to show off his man stick. He likes the attention his “large” penis gets him. Hes not even old enough to drink. Hawaii Ladies watch out for this one. He knows exactly what to say and that accent will get you. He’s nothing but a liar and can’t stick to just one girl.

Dude crop out your face like a chick, your slay twice as many chicks.- nik