THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this b*tch Christiana Harry is a 20 yr old who sleeps around with Howard University men, smokes c*caine, weed, and is always so drunk that she has to be carried into our Annex building making a so much noise. The boy she was fucking Devin left her and now she has scars all over her body after pretending to cut herself. And I say try because they’re faint and we all know that horizontal lines are what it takes to cut yourself. She’s on a full scholarship to Howard which she always bashes, yet wonders why she’s so damn alone. On top of sleeping with 1 of her roommates boyfriend she got pregnant by him and then got an abortion. She’s a murderer!! We hate her and want her to know that you cant go around messing up other people sleep, studying, who can’t sing, bashing our college, sleeping with people men, being rude or killing innocent babies!!

You should try and work fish into her name cause that’s what she looks like.- nik