THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Jake Jones from Marshall, MO. This two-timing bastard wouldn’t know how to tell the truth even if he was on his death bed. He has cheated on every girl that he has ever dated and treats women like trash. Messaging 50+ girls on Facebook may have been cute in high school but bro come on you’re 23.  He isn’t going to school and lost his job…which was working for his girlfriend’s brother-in-law…for not showing up…meaning everything he has is due to his girlfriend. (Or is it “ex” girlfriend?) Can we say winning? He lost his license and of course he didn’t pay for that either. He is lower than scum …even his brother and best friend ratted him out. And if all that isn’t bad enough…. Anything that ever happens is someone else’s fault. He thinks he is a “beast” and will threaten to beat anyone’s ass. Jake, people talk and you’re starting to get sloppy with your game. I’m sure that you will enjoy having DRDs.. That’s what happens when you have had sex with 90 girls and your number is still rising. YOU ARE TRASH…and definitely don’t look good enough to act the way you do

Deer hooves have gotta be the forgiest thing you can put on your body…other then handlebars.- nik