THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, watch out Miami….this seemingly innocent plain Jane Carly McCall is the epitome of a club wh*re. She has f*cked every promoter in the business and she will blow any random bro for drugs. She knows no boundaries–has slept her way through all of South Beach and spread her DRDs in the process. You will probably spot her out in the VIP section any night of the week–but don’t be fooled, she didn’t get there because she is a hot piece of ass, as you can clearly tell from her pictures–she is only there because she will f*ck anyone with money. She is hideous on the inside out–don’t let the smoke and lights fool you when you’re out, because she is a washed up wanna-be model who does an absurd amount of Pepsi and still isn’t skinny. She hooks up with any and every guy whether or not they are single and when confronted about it later, just blames it on being “blackout” drunk. She is a dirty bottle wh*re who has slept with every promoter you can think of–she even slept with the deformed creature promoter Purple who has been mentioned before on this site….yes, she is actually that desperate for some Greg. She is a Celtics-loving loser who needs to get out of Miami ASAP because NEWSFLASH–NOBODY likes you/thinks your hot anymore. BEWARE of Carly the scumbucket….this is a psychopathic SL*T who will do anything for attention.

I don’t see the model in her. Maybe some guys in SoBe are so sick of banging hot chicks they want to know what normal feels like?- nik