THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this submission is not to tarnish or impugn anyone’s character. It is an invitation to you my friend. You talk a lot about unemployed women and these so called boat trips. Well I think a man of your caliber is entitled to one. I have included my contact information and if there is a rate for your time I will entertain the offer. I can assure no documentation ie. photos/video, the girls aren’t free so why should you be. My reasoning for the invite is because I want you to truly be educated in this lifestyle. It’s tons of fun and the threshold for these women are completely released when you can smell the salt and sea. Yes, if you are into defecation that can be arranged. Everything in this world has a price and for guys like us money creates action. Also, my only real rule with these women which is MANDATORY for payment – all drugs must be inserted through the anal cavity. Nik you will never feel more aroused in your life until you insert a Molly pill into a beautiful woman’s anus. With the ocean breeze and the Molly hitting the bloodstream instantly these women become dead fish. Anyway I don’t want to give away too much enjoyment. Please join me on this private experience of a lifetime my friend.

Not really my thing. I get sea sick and I hate the smell of fish. Let me think about it (for research purposes).- nik

**Update: Mrs. Meyer sounds like a really good teacher.**