THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, from what I understand there are a ton of fake profiles using Brock’s Chick’s pics as their own, sometimes using her name and some not. What is particularly surprising to me in Jennifer Storm’s case, is that she has the limit of 5,000 friends on facebook and not one of them has ever called her out, or pointed out the fact that she is not the person she claims she is. How delusional is it to post a profile pic of a well known Dirty Celeb, with the description, “new color! what do you think?!” then except and thank people for compliments it brings on? The other two images are screenshots of her other profile pics, clearly all three being completely different people! When you look closely at different facial features and compare them, it immediatly becomes evident. Being a Talent Coordinator at Vision Entertainment Rocks there are thousands of people who are “friends” with her who are DA strong who must be laughing at her behind their computer screen everytime a photo comes up from her on their newsfeed. I’d say something, but I just stumbled on her pro pic while looking at who was going to an event I was also invited too. Someone speak up and quit letting this schizo tarnish Brock Chick’s good name!!!

People still use Facebook?- nik