Dirty girls

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these girls are some of the shadiest in Reno. They spend all of their time partying so much that a real job is out of the question. Chloe loves getting drunk at the strip club while her best friend who is a dead beat mom Gio is dancing onstage. Gio is so occupied with her stripping career and drinking that she hardly spends anytime with her kid who she got pregnant with in the beginning of her high school days but yet makes herself out to be mom of the year. Taylor is a straight drama queen and a sloppy drunk that believes everyone one of her friends must cater to her unless you so happen to actually b*tch at her back. Ashton thinks she is hot sh*t but will stab her friends in the back if she gets a chance. These are not the girls you wanna associate yourself with. No class, fake *ss b*tches. stop wasting your life drinking and spreading them legs.

Hiring a group of friends into a strip club is nothing but drama.  I hope the manager realizes this.- nik