THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik here’s a New porta potty in the making hangs out at the playboy mansion as a regular, at the palms in vegas seen with the maloofs always with her manly blonde side kick. Constantly telling people they want to be hookers and models and think they are too good for real jobs. These girls are poorer than pay dirt live a total fake wannabe life style idolize the porta potties and have been talking to scooby and her troops to get in on it. They feel they have hit the jack pot. They go by so many alias’s its hard to keep track the brunettes a bit pudgy but has no problem getting down and dirty but is a total wannabe playmate still obsesses over it trying to get in with all the whose who in hollywood and totally thinks she has an in because she bangs one of the maloof brothers for free trips to fake a glamorized lifestyle the blonde is too old to be in the game to begin with and is never going to make it any where she thinks things should be handed to her without having to lift a finger she’s all talk even heff turned her away shes just a leech to anyone who will give her attention for five minutes. there both pathetic i hope they get pleasure out of getting p*ssed and sh*t on with scooby and the gang.

I can’t believe New England makes girls who think like this. #SHADY.- nik