THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to begin with this sad story of a person….Nik Let me introduce Shelby Carter a nasty sl*t who pretends to be a model and takes the credit for great photos when in reality its the photographer that turns a chuck of shit into a piece of gold. For some reason everyone that I meet is so stuck up on this backstabbing tramp and constantly give her chance after chance. What makes no sense is that all these same people that have their noses up her assh*le are always talking shit about her. In my opinion and the opinion of many others she’s truly not much to look at. Sure she takes a great pic here and there but the truth is she looks horrible in real life. She makes money taking her clothes off for people to take pictures in whatever position they want her in. I’ve heard on countless occasions thats she’s fcked and sucked her way into popularity. Ugh Wh*re. She’s only 21 and her t*ts sag like an old woman, her hygiene is awful and Im told its not just her mouth that stinks. Yet for all her faults people bow down to this no one like she’s something special. She thinks of herself as the next Marilyn Monroe so far as to having a hideous looking tattoo of Marilyn on her body. The thing looks like she had it done by a half blind chimp. [Click picture for hearts]

This is porn, not modeling.- nik