Vaness Escort & Freddy Pimp

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I heard that Freddy Fags (Freddy Figueroa) is running an escort service or he is a pimp, whatever you want to call it; and I keep seeing Vanessa Goodmanson adding photos of herself with older men, traveling all over the place (Vegas/Bay Area), and yet she has only modeled a few times in Playboy (PaintedGirl only, never a Playmate). Do either of them have areal job? Is Vanessa an escort? Is Freddy Fags her pimp? Freddy has been linked to Kimmy Salisbury, Kina Tavarozi (I know, I know, “Scooby Snack”), and many more. I would ask him straight out, I have them all on my FB friends list, but who would admit to all that?

I honestly don’t know what Freddy Fags does for a living. Can someone enlighten us?- nik

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Freddy Fags and Sexi barbie