THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this fugly b*tch slore is Heather. She’s slept with AT LEAST 17 guys over 3 months, and those are just the ones I can name off! She’s almost as wide as she is tall and getting bigger by the minute!! Some would compare her to a whale, but the amount of blubber on her just might surpass that! The only reason her arms aren’t as big as the rest of her body is because she gets somewhat of a workout holding her FUPA up during sex. GROSS! She probably hides little treats in her fat rolls for the lucky guys who barely have to lift a finger to get her attention. Show her picture to anyone in Raleigh and they’re bound to know someone who’s slept with her! Typical cow-omega. I haven’t seen her up on here yet, so I thought I’d add her to the list! Lemme know what you think, Nik!

Cool off the orange spray Heather.- nik