THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Richard Nietz is another OC Asshole… blocks people for their differences of opinions. Funny what you find out about people over time! This guy is a jealous, old used piece of garbage. All he does is brag about speaking his mind about people in Newport. He doesn’t know when to shut up. In his mind any younger, better looking guy in Newport Beach are gay. He says this hoping a girl won’t ditch him for that guy. I doubt anyone knows that he won the lottery, but tells everyone he is a successfully businessman making millions. Never argue with Richard girls, because in his mind he is always right and your stupid. Look at him! A 65 year old man liven in Dana Point (Can’t afford Newport) dye his hair brown to hide the gray hair, unemployed and brags he has had sex with every high class women in Newport. Richard or Dick, none of my girlfriends want you! Go to Laguna Woods!

Laguna Woods has fun communities like Seizure World.- nik