THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my friend and I are Juniors at FSU and the past two years have been incredible. Everything I ever imagined. Partying, girls and a great education.  Anyway long story short my boy has been hooking up with Jessica and he is completely sprung and stuck on her. We made a pact before we enrolled at FSU that we would have no gfs and slay as many girls as we possibly can. Well how the hell is he suppose to do this with a GF? She is a sweetheart and very hot but I still think not worthy of locking her down. He is a DIE HARD fan of yours and I wanted to see if this would knock and sense into his head. Help me out here.

Email me your number. I want to take your boy with me on my next Vegas trip. I will pay all expenses… these chicks are too handsome for him to be locked up.- nik