THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this girl has been up here before. Her name’s Kathryn Butler, but she goes by Brooklyn (stripper stage name and porn name). She’s the one who gets all upset when anybody mentions the fact that she did internet porn the minute she turned 18 for exploited teens. She got a boob job and it looks like she attempted to lighten her hair with some cheap drug store dye. And she got her lips done. Do you think she looks any better? And I think she bought a new car with her stripper money.  She wants to party with you when you come in October, please tell me she will not be at your table.

Yes, I will be at The Pool Afterdark at the Harrah’s in Atlantic City October 5th. Jwoww with tats is not welcome at my table… she will have to take pictures of me from a 60 meter distance.- nik