THE DIRTY ARMY: Well nik the big guy is a “DJ” at the sh*t hole strip club teasers, he lives behind his computer and talks shit like hes a tough guy, as you can see here, there are 2 of the ‘dancers’ pretty sure both have a kid or two and both are strung out on m*th…. I think this is actually going to be the future “Montana M*th Project” advisement.. Just want to let everyone know what they are getting themselves into if they choose to go to teasers…. where the strippers are all alcoholic moms and “DJ’s” jack off to the fatties on stage! The second picture is one of the ‘House Girls” Laura Lee…and she is about as big as one, blond, horrible saggy huge tits, a belly that hangs over her vagina and she is easily over the 190# mark. The thing behind with brown hair is another meth stripper whos mother worked at the club with her.

What a weird looking Rave.- nik