THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik meet Alyssa Woorum & her boyfriend Jimmy Mcfall aka ‘young Jimmy’ the rapper in plainfield…He’s so good he pays to go to his own shows & then his “boss” forgets to put him on stage, I guess he’s just a groupie.  He use to drink and get high out of his parents garage but when they had enough and told him to get a job he moved into a motel so he could keep being a loser.  His awesome girlfriend is just as bad since she is with him every damn second, I don’t think they leave each others side to take a sshit & she still accuses him of cheating…maybe someone’s guilty.  These two will use anyone for any drugs or liquor they can get, what they need is rehab! get em nik!

A job would be nice, instead of chasing these pipe dreams.  The paper boy puts these to shame.- nik