THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik…love the site! This nasty b*tch is Donna Skrypetz, aka Donna Sillypants, Donna Sillyhead, Sillygirl36, Sillygirl37, Cinnamongirltwo, etc., etc. She goes by so many aliases because she is busy with so many guys she has to keep them all guessing. She likes to claim she isn’t a golddigger, but she only dates guys off POF who are either lawyers or executives. She isn’t beyond getting it on in a car out at Birds Hill now and then to keep the boys happy. If you want drama, you’ll love Dirty Donna! You gotta like the blackout drunk last photo, naked and drunk on the ground in a parking lot after wh*ring it up with her latest victim!

Is that really a parking lot?- nik