THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Id like to introduce u to Paula Labaredas.  This immi thinks shes famous and will sleep with anybody to make it happen.  I’ve been on a fe w of the sAME CAstings as her and seen her lay on a heavy accent  thinking it’ll be her in.  she gets in alrigh, just not in the movies.  I LOVE!! how on her imbd she lists films shes in that don’t come out till 2014!!!!!! Can you say delusional!  maybe im biased cause were competing for the same jobs  but I just really dislike this girl, she is not hot but manages to get jobs.  I have 2 conclusions why, 1) sleeping with the casting directors, 2) tricks people with her fake accent…didn’t you move here when you were like 4???  At leats she dfoesn’t live in New york no more, thats a bonus for me.  Would you nik? I needa look for a new job if you say yes.

 I can’t understand your real accent.- nik