THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is embarrassing.  The fraternity of Phi Kappa Tau is suing at Miami University in southern Ohio for $10 million. Why? Because they had happen to be one of two fraternities suspended after an incident earlier this month involving a fireworks battle between frat houses, but because of that incident which would involve police, led to the discovery of illegal drugs. The lawsuit is claiming that “university acted recklessly and maliciously when they imposed the punishment.” And The federal action also claims the suspension interferes with the fraternity’s business operations and violates members’ constitutional rights. A federal judge refused to intervene, rejecting their request for a temporary restraining order that would lift the suspension. How stupid are they Nik? I mean we all know there is illegal drug use in college but these idiot frat bros knew what they were getting into and just DEAL with the punishment. Suing the school for that ridic amount is only digging themselves in a bigger hole, don’t you agree?

The University should make a counter claim for wasting their time. There is no chance Phi Kappa Tau will win this suit and they will probably end up paying all legal fees. Retards.- nik