THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, This Creature were looking at here is named Samantha Okemow, Claims her dad is a preacher and that she’s a good mom, likes to keep fresh and has lots of clothes, wears lots of make-up Well now, on the honest side , she smokes weed infront of a church and infront of her kid , Mom and daughter of the year award, huh? what is she doing taking pictrues like this? A bong? how classy. What is she going to do if Child family services see this? Won’t they take her children away? Probably not cause she dosen’t even take care of her kids, I herd her dad does, She posts millions of pictures of herself in all these girly girl clothes claiming she’s “Fresh” all the time but her batheroom looks dirtier then a plublic toilet, Pampers and clothes laying on the ground in the back round, Says she showers as often as she can but do you think she showers her kids like this? Do her kids have really nice clothes and shower every day? Probably not. Takes better care of herself then her babies , she’s also buys all her clothes and make-up with welfare checks no suprise.

Whose she supposed to be? Garfield.- nik