THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Nicole Baker, infamous sloot of cherry hill, nj round 2. (of many more to come, i’m sure.) originally she was just a psychotic dirt bag who would open her legs for anyone willing. now she’s still the same psychotic dirt bag, just now she’s all about #ravergirl #trueraver #ravelife as she puts on every single pic of her half naked on instagram. i see this nasty thing everywhere and wish someone would just exterminate her. she’ll be quite the sight to see a few years from now when her brain is depleted with holes from all the e, and she’s all used up going absolutely nowhere. All she’s good for is sex, then shes just tossed away. I feel bad for all the guys that stuck it in her, you’re junk will probably never be the same!!!

The things girls do for a picture…whose faked a photoshoot with this chick? anyone?- nik