THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve sent in some dirt before but never seen it on your site. This girl is the “big fish” of dirt in London and needs to be added. I’ll keep e-mailing these pictures & her story if I don’t see her up soon. London needs to be warned. Even in the shower where most people go to get clean, Vanessa Magee manages to make it look infectiously dirty. Can you believe someone has to call her “Mom”? She admitted to using drugs like E and drinking at parties while knowing she was pregnant yet she is a dedicated “Facebook mom” slandering her profile with pictures and status updates of her son. She is notoriously passed around from guy to guy in a given social circle until she runs out of ‘fresh d*ck’ and has to explore new gangs of guys. WARNING LADIES: She likes to be the “other woman” and has no problem with ruining relationships with kids involved. Vanessa Magee is so dirty she makes dirt piles look Mr. Clean.

Stop ruining relationships.- nik