THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this fake person Amanda Roadmen has been defrauding men for 5 years now. The FBI needs to seriously find this guy and put him in jail for life. Whoever this guy is stole over $9k from my buddy and he never heard from the con-artist again. I sent my friend a link to your radio show with the real person Arielle Reitsma and he was SHOCKED. Like most guys he had been victimized by Amanda Roadmen. He has contacted local authorities, but knowing the AR Mystery from your website I have decided to contact the FBI. Nik any help you can give us towards this case would be deeply appreciated. Also, if anyone in the Dirty Army has come across Amanda Roadmen please email We are gathering as much evidence as possible to arrest this person. Thanks Nik.

Amanda Roadmen you need to work on your photoshop skills. The Maxim covers do not lie.- nik