THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I want to take a minute to put this douche bag on blast. His name is Lance Cooper but mostly goes by “The Miami Life.” He is the biggest Miami douchebag. He claims to be rich with his 1995 M3 BMW. He lives with his mother in a beat up complex community on sunset drive, the worst neighborhood in Miami-dade. Nowhere near the beach, which is where he claims to live on all his online social networks. He is all an internet persona, because in all his  photos he makes himself look like he’s so hot and rich when in reality you meet him & he is a 4’0 feet tall muffin top, unemployed loser, that spends all day smoking weed. Also, be ware of the so called “DEA” which is the group of losers he hangs out with, which are just like him. Nik please put this loser on blast so that no poor girl falls for this inauthentic internet persona. Ps. he is also a gold digger he tries to always date rich girls so they can buy him his beloved, ridiculous collection of Jordan shoes.

Guys can’t gold dig.- nik