THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Blair Jimison, a Theta from U of A (I know, ew) just left AZ to play porta potty to some Chinese guy she met in the Bay Area (again, gross). Everyone is saying she completely does not enjoy sucking on his noodle, but apparently he makes big bucks as a scientist. She’s only with him because she can’t even find a 30k Scottsdale millionaire to support her. She sl*tted it up and snorted pepsi in her Theta days, and now she is playing housewife?!! Nik, she is a user only with him for $$$ and trust that she’s slept with another guy since (I’m the guy). BLAIR JIMISON, you look like a horse, pay your own bills, and go back to white guys like you PLANNED!

I think this couple will make it.- nik