THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I go to school at the University of Texas and party all the time with hot, sexy and beautiful blondes on 6th street.  My cousin goes to WVU and this year they were named the #1 party school in America.  He is always bragging about how much better the parties and girls are and blah blah blah.  So I decided to go visit him for a weekend and see what its all about.  Well, let me tell you… the dude is trippin’.  Whoever ranked them number 1, must have attended that school because that was the biggest scam ever. The girls first off were fat, not 1 pair of +2’s came across my eyes and every bar was full of 13 to 1 guy to girl ratio.  I was beyond pissed, I wanted to leave the first night because it was so boring.  Just a bunch of guys drinking and acting like idiots.  No girls worth of hooking up with or anything.  Its total disgrace to have that school ranked at number 1.  Sorry I had to vent, I’m a college student and just wasted $600 on a flight for no reason.

When have you ever met a hot girl from Virginia?- nik