THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik it seems like Brocks chick is the #1 faked profile out there.  I recently stumbled onto yet another brocks chicks profile, or should I sAY Britney White.  She only has 2 pictures on her profile but nearly 2000 friends, all of which seem to think she’s the real deal.  I’d really like to knw what people do with these fake profiles??? what’s the point??? are they attempting to bash on Brocks chick or just get attention.  Someone in comments seemed to think people made bank off these profiles but I highly doubt that, I  just dont understand it Nik, please shed some light on this.  Oh and as I was trying to re-find her profile I found another britney white profile of yet another fake chick???? why??? Doesn’t facebook have some rules against this. (bottom pic is Britney White #2)

Find real friends… stop banking on the internet.- nik

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