THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik this is Jessica Peterson also known as JLP she’s is a walking s** she sleeps with everyone of her friends boyfriends or watever will give a desperate milf a fck she’s a compulsive liar she”ll make fake posts about how hot she is she’s a bagged out moose knuckle not to mention the flabb that hangs off her body while she trys n sexy poses I personally know her because she was trying to get with my boyfriend of 2 years desides to come on to him sending dirrty texts about her roast beef bluewaffle sip slurpin leggs are spread she had krusty(aka) cl*p havin gizzabell in the photos I almost puked I confronted her and she said she was gunna k**l me what a pshyco btch just cuz ur ex baby daddy is a lawyer doesn’t mean u can go around saying shit like that sure hope child welfare doesn’t catch up to her ass she’s a homewrecker don’t trust her.

Who’da thunk she’d be wearing something more revealing then diapers.- nik