THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik I am completely mystified as to how NO ONE is talking about Nikki B. Bam’s now live-in girlfriend Nikki B (a.k.a Nicole Boyd) is very pregnant probably 6 months! If you know anything about Bam you know that since the split from Missy he has been openly dating multiple women in different cities. He has now cut ties with everyone and moved Nikki in. When this happened Tammy Palumbo his Westchester girlfriend had PLENTY to say on her facebook page…”Anyway, they have managed to keep it out of the press even though Nikki was standing in the back during a street interview he did with TMZ last week about the florida stalker and you can totally see her bump! She has also been posting only boob and up pictures of herself on twitter and instagram with the exceptions of old ones. So I ask you call Bam get the DIRT!

Maybe she is just fat? Bam shouldn’t be having kids in his mental state.- nik