THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik what do you think about Chris Brown leaving Karrueche Tran just so he can freely be friends with Rihanna? I think this is so heartless of Chris to do. Karrueche was there for him, when no one was after the Rihanna incident and he basically just leaves her cause Rihanna come’s back along. Chris you are a DOUCHE BAG! Who does that to a girl, that’s so cold. You should appreciate the fact that this woman loved you, and cared for you. Leaving her so you can go be friends with “Rihanna” is so heartless. I can’t imagine what Karrueche feels, but I hope Chris lives a lonley life with no one. I also think Rihanna is a dumb b*tch now! She should not have done that to Karrueche. Both of them are so selfish! What do you think about this Nik?

Thanks Karrueche.- nik