THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DA strong for a long time. You’ve helped change me from a good looking natural blonde, to a smoking hot mom and wife, including fabulous +2s, ITG, perfect skin, real hair, the whole works. Thanks to you, my hubby is really happy and my kids have a super fun mom. However, as much as I love this site, you clearly have no idea about hurricane Sandy. I reside in Moorestown, NJ and have a beach house on the sand right outside of Seaside Heights, NJ. As of this morning, our boardwalk is gone. We are missing an entire pier, and there is 3-5 feet of water covering the entire island! The beach is gone. The debri slammed into multiple towns, destroying almost everything in it’s path. I am uncertain if my house still stands. Yes, inland we just experienced “a little bit of extra rain.” But those along the coastline will be lucky to have a beach left, let alone a house after this. Please, have a little compassion and do your research thoroughly before you make your statements! We look to you for TRUTH. Here is a picture taken about one block away from my beach house.

I’m actually concerned about where people are donating their money towards Sandy… there are a ton of scams stealing peoples money so be careful. If you know of a scam foundation please include the link in the comments section so people can stay away from them. My thoughts and prayers go out the families in NJ… I was born in Jersey, our blood never surrenders.- nik