THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This barrel racing whore married with kids and stepkids. Decided her husband wasn’t rich enough to support her expensive horse/rodeo habit. So, she has an affair with a man who bought her everything she wanted-including a very expensive, already trained horse for her barrel racing. She would leave her kids home with their stepdad while she was off barrel racing and travelling with her affair. She has been having this affair for 4 *&@$?%#@ years! She claims the horse “Sheza Blazin Move” is owned by her, when it really belongs to her lover-bought and paid for along with all the other horses and accessories. This nasty whore eventually starts taking her kids over to sugar daddy’s house (SHE’S STILL MARRIED to their stepdad at this point). WHO thinks that shit is ok??? I mean the kids know you’re married and HAVING AN AFFAIR! They know everything your itty bitty town is saying about you is true! Your kids must be very proud of this aspect of your life! You can’t afford a high dollar horse so you go “earn” one by spreading your legs! Guess dreams came true–going to compete at the NFR in Vegas this year. Not because of any Special “talent” of hers….except maybe blowjobs. [click here for the article]

That looks like a special persons badge.- nik