THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy is a complete joke. He thinks he’s a punk rocker…but he has no talent. He thinks he’s god’s gift to women…but he’s a two pump chump. He lived off of me and my family for over a year…I kept taking him back, like the idiot that I was…but when I finally got smart and kicked his ass to the curb, he starts telling people that HE got out because I cheated, lied and manipulated. I can honestly say the only mistake I made was dating him in the first place…he has no money, worked a minimum wage job and spent all his cash on weed and beer. Still does! He’s 31 years old, likes to hang out with teenagers, and still rides his skateboard around because his broke ass can’t even afford a car. I had nothing when I kicked him to the curb…now I’m in school full time, working, own my own car, and have my apartment. I pay my own bills, because I finally stopped supporting HIS ass!

I hope that’s a guitar lesson.- nik