THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, have you heard about the St. Louis doctor Gilbert Webb? A specialist in Maternal and Fetal medicine and a part of Mercy Medical Group, this monster is responsible for decapitating an infant during a coerced vaginal delivery! And that’s not all Nik, after separating the child’s head from his cervical spine, Dr. Webb shoved the baby back inside the mother’s birth canal and then called for an emergency C-Section. Which he then performed without anesthetic like he did with the botched episiotomy about an hour earlier. The best part? This monster is still in practice, walking around Mercy Hospital in Creve Coeur delivering babies as we speak! Help get the word out Nik; this creature is disgusting.  Click here to read full article. 

How is this guy still a doctor? Something is not adding up?- nik