THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I used to train in MMMA with this wrestler girl named “Miss Juliette. I didnt know there is this whole industry for mixed wrestling and girls fighting dudes, or she was a pro, but there is alot of mixed emotions going on with me. Number 1- I heard more than once that she is gay, and if so that is messed up because it seems as every girl who ever came through or took martial arts seriously was a dyke. I try to appeal to her, we have hung out, wrestled, and she has kicked my ass, and we have even went on dates. She just wont sleep with me!! I have showered her with gifts and money, go shopping with her sometimes for her photo shoots, we are pretty close but she gets kind of stand offish when the topic comes up about her full time being my girl friend or actually having sex. I told her I wont give her anymore money, she told me Fuck you.. she has alot of money. And I feel really abused. I feel like a sucker, because why would she spend time with me if she didnt like me too? Am I being used? or what is the big deal, why will she hang out with me, but not sleep with me?, do you think she is gay? Because I keep hearing she is a lesbian and ive seen girls she dated, but most girls these days are bi.

You need to let her go.- nik