THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I been following a hot upcoming star. Pretty cute, somewhat innocent/new to the star game. She just posted this on her FB account, as if she has just made it Big Time to the top. Partying w/ Snoop and Freddie Fags! I posted all links from you site about him on this photo and they were immediately taken down, and now I’m banned from posting on her page! lol Nik, I’m looking out for this girl… have her on your talk show!!! I can only imagine how pissed FF was when he saw links to your site! haha! DA strong baby.

We are talking about the chick on the right, not Old Miley on the left? Anyway, to hang with Freddy Fags just means you charge and hourly rate for massages Kourtney Reppert.- nik