THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Avni Gashi aka on FB as Antonio Ricci. This guy is bad news. He made my life into a living nightmare. He was abusive in every way. controlled every aspect of my life. While I was a faithful girlfriend he was out doing who knows what. Every time I tried to leave the relationship he would stalk me call me at least 100 times a day, come to my house and give me the only option of getting back to together or being beat up. I got away from him for good, but I’m worried for next nice girl like me hes going to do this too. Doesn’t matter what happens if he goes to jail he will just come out and be the same, anger management doesn’t do shit. He needs to be deported back to his country. Also hes apparently prostituting girls so beware girls he will probably drug you and force you to fck all his nasty friends.

This pictures a little concerning.– nik