THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies watch out for this creep!! his name is James Scott. He’s from Calgary, but now lives in Edmonton. He runs a gym called Snap fitness under the title ” Scott Training System “. It must be a SCAM, because none of his trainers are certified. He hits on every girl that walks in the door including me. I thought he seemed nice at first, but all I could notice was his huge nasty cold sore on his mouth. Disgusting! He’s SO persistent too, and wouldn’t take the hint that I wasn’t interested..I stopped going there because of him. James your not Casanova! Stop trying to coax girls with false promises of wealth you don’t possess, and nobody wants to catch your drd. I heard he still stalks his ex-girlfriend, And she just uses him for the little money he has left. He even got his arm broken by bouncers for attacking a girl at a bar. Loser! Furthermore, on his Facebook he claims to be this clean and super religious guy, but it’s all a mask to cover up who he really is. A creep. Nik what do think of this guy?

How can you own a gym and forget to work out your legs.- nik