THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Amy Barbato,.. she is a well known stripper/porta potty here in the Jersey Shore. She pretends to tell people that she is a trainer but the only thing she trains is penis. She wears two padded bras to push up her two small implants…. because she did not get them big enough,… and she wears mom skirts because her belly button is as long as the nile! Anyway, what she does to pay for her tattoos is stripping, stripping, and stripping… She tells her mom and friends that she is a trainer but all she does is swing around a silver pole! Also, to keep her weight down… she doesnt work out…. she has her plastic surgeon Dr. Nagy prescribe her PHENTERMINE which is supposed to be used only for obese people… but Amiee uses it because shes a lazy stripper who barely ever goes to the gym. Please tell this girl to cover up because no one wantes to see her freckled baby tits!

The tattoos ruin her implants. I decided.- nik