THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is my ex Melissa Hurtado. I paid for her + 2’s. I found out after a year of dating that she is a stripper. Worked in the OC as one and in Vegas at the Sapphire. She has had 3 boob jobs in 5 years and never paid for them. She uses guys to see what she can get until the rides over. She gave me drds. Really what man could accept her being a stripper as his wife or mother of his children or any family member of mine or anybody else with morals? She is in school to be a Nurse. Yeah who is going to hire a former stripper? Who would want to be treated by one? Currently dating a guy Eugene Collins. Beware buddy she is allergic to latex condoms. Opinions Mr. Richie?

I wonder if she used photoshopped..- nik