THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m a fan of yours from France. I grew up in America and left in 1998. I didn’t leave because of the economy. I left because of the culture shift in women. American women are by far the most unloyal and distasteful creatures on earth. I visit your website everyday just to confirm my thoughts and give credit to myself. Today I feel the urge to write in and speak my mind. Back in the day women in America respected themselves and had strength, now every American girl looks like a stripper and uses sex as a shortcut in life. Nik, men are being shortchanged with these ugly minded women. You can blame American media or poor parenting for your failures in life. In France we don’t show plastic. There is a sense of romance to acquire lust and passion. In America women are nothing more than dogs. You pet them when you feel like it and let them sit outside for the rest of the day. Death to the American woman I say.

I think everyone wants to be someone else. Women want attention from men and men will only give women attention when they are naked. We made this process to easy and now life is grand.- nik