THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik In June of 2011 I caught my wife sexting on the computer. She swore it was just because she was bored and there was nothing going on. When I didn’t believe her she called the police and said I scared her. The police did nothing. Three days later she ran to the only woman judge in town and asked for a order of protection. I proved she was lying but the judge looked at me and said “Mr McNerlin I know you didn’t say you were going to hurt her. But she must be afraid of you, so I’m going to grant the order and you must leave your home ” she told everyone I was nuts and there was never anything going on. A year later I get a text saying “she’s with me has been with me for over a year “. It was the guy she said she wasn’t screwing. Now she has drd from the drug addict punk. Now she is screwing two or three guys a week. And I know she doesn’t tell them about it. What a c*nt Her name is Paula (straka) McNerlin. Be careful out there guys.

You should cut off your internet.- nik