THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ms. Itzayana Leyva. A former fat girl who feels the need to talk down on people who arent “As fit” as she is now. she is a self conscious bi*ch who feels the need to correct everyone but herself. When you meet this girl she is sweet,outgoing, smart and easy to talk to. Everything a guy could ask for. But the Itza you see on Facebook and the one you met at school is a whole different person. Itza is not so sweet and innocent. Shes actually very c*ck hungry and doesnt really have standards. I fell victim to her game but now that I know it the rest of you should too. Dont fall for this girl but feel free to f*ck her I mean its not that hard. The first day we hung out I was all over it. And what I hear from other people they were too. She plays a ood game but now all you guys can play her back. I got mine in so shes all yours now. Find her on FB or the U of A campus .

I foresee metal filling those dimples.- nik